Looking for an effective, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow training course for you and your puppy?

By the end of this course, your puppy will have mastered essential commands such as coming when called, walking on a lead, sitting on command, and lying down on command. They will also learn to enjoy being groomed and handled, relax in company, and give their full attention to you. Additionally, we will address common unwanted behaviours like jumping up, play biting, and excessive barking.

Our Method

Not only will your puppy benefit from this course, but you will also become a knowledgeable and skilled handler. You will gain the ability to effectively communicate with your puppy and positively shape their behaviour by understanding their language.

Our training exercises are broken down into simple steps, ensuring both you and your dog have a fun while achieving success. You will learn to speak dog and become a true dog whisperer, able to understand and interpret your furry friend's needs and desires.

These methods have been tried and tested, specifically designed for dog owners who may not have professional training experience. We will teach you how to grab and maintain your puppy's attention, prevent play biting, and view the world from their perspective.

Prepare your dog for a life that others will envy! Join our foundational training course and unlock the potential of your puppy.

Goals of Puppy Training

In this course, your puppy will learn to...

Come to call
 Walk on a lead
 Sit on command
✓ Down on command
✓ Enjoy being groomed and handled
✓ Relax in company
✓ Give attention to you
✓ Perfect feeding manners
✓ Minimising unwanted behaviour such as: Jumping up, play biting, barking

Meet Your Trainer

Avril Munson is a dog trainer, author and trainer at thedogcalmer. Avril has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best dog trainers in the UK, not to mention the RSPCA, The Central School Of Dog Training and was also a regular guest on BBC local radio.

What Happy Owners Had to Say

“ I want to say a huge thank you! When I first came, I didn’t know if I wanted to keep Hugo and now I couldn’t imagine us without him! He’s still Hugo, cheeky and full-on but so much improved! I can’t thank you enough, it took a weight off my shoulders after our initial consultation, and it’s been so quick to see him settle and become part of our family!”


“Avril is providing structured training, guidance and support which is addressing and solving other more complicated behavioural difficulties. I would recommend Avril to any dog owner who needs help”


“Been going to Avril for a while now , but that’s because we so enjoy the ongoing training, we have been doing zoom classes too in lockdown which are also enjoyable. My Dog has changed so much from being trained and I’ve learnt loads too I could never have managed him without the training . Thanks from Jill and Dougie”

Jill Wild


Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Meet Your Trainer

    3. How to Take this Course

    4. Equipment List

    1. FAQ

    2. Training Tips to Keep in Mind

    3. Puppy Foundations Factsheet

    4. Communicating with your Dog Factsheet

    5. Tasty Titbits Factsheet

    1. Training 1 Introduction

    2. Calming Exercise

    3. Calming Stroke Example B

    4. Calming a Challenging Puppy

    5. How to Prevent Play Biting When Trying to Calm

    6. How to Put on a Harness on Puppies

    7. How to Fit a Harness

    8. How to Put a Lead on Calmly

    9. Teaching a Puppy to Have a Lead Put On

    10. Calm on the Lead

    11. Training 1 Quiz

    1. Training 2 Introduction

    2. Treat Manners

    3. Treat Manners Example B

    4. Treat Manners Example C

    5. Treat Manners Example D

    6. Using Treats on the Down

    7. Training 2 Quiz

    1. Training 3 Introduction

    2. Sit and Down

    3. Sit and Down Example with Puppy

    4. Sit Exercise

    5. Sit to Down Exercise

    6. Another Method for Teaching Down

    7. Training 3 Quiz

    1. Training 4 Introduction

    2. Watch

    3. Watch with a Puppy

    4. Watch with a Big Dog

    5. Training 4 Quiz

About this course

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  • 69 lessons

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